Following surgery, TCAH’s highly specialized and custom therapy programs offer more thorough and speedy recoveries.

Cardiac Surgery

The experienced Transitional Care of Arlington Heights clinical and rehabilitation team is uniquely qualified to provide highly skilled care and optimal results for people who are recovering from complex surgery and have high acuity needs. People like Daniela Zaporojanu, 56, of Rolling Meadows, who, following a Whipple Procedure to remove a cancerous tumor, recovered at Transitional Care.

Daniela’s surgeon, Dr. Malcolm Bilimoria, is an accomplished pancreas surgeon specializing in the Whipple Procedure. This is considered one of the most complex abdominal surgeries in existence, second only to liver transplant surgery. For many pancreas cancer patients, the Whipple Procedure increases survival and offers a real chance at a cure.

During the Whipple Procedure, surgeons remove part of the pancreas, stomach and small intestine, some lymph nodes, the gallbladder and the common bile duct. The remaining organs are reconnected in a new way to allow for digestion.

“Needless to say, the surgery was kind of tough,” recalls Daniela. “I went into the procedure very weak. Recovery alone at home was not an option.” 

A week at Transitional Care of Arlington Heights proved to be the ideal solution. “I have so much admiration for what you guys are doing,” says a grateful Daniela. “My experience with Transitional Care was absolutely phenomenal.”

“I had the pleasure of working with many of the Transitional Care nurses – it was like having your mommy take care of you! It was nice to have that kind of care and attention to detail to make sure I had what I needed. From dressing changes to pushing liquid and communicating with my doctor, they helped make sure I was getting better and stronger every day.”

Daniela, who was on a low-fat diet, found the staff to be very accommodating. “They prepared what I could and what I wanted to eat, all the time measuring and reporting intake—it was full service.”

Toward the end of the stay, Daniela was also able to take advantage of some pretty intense occupational and physical therapy that helped prepare her for the return home. Now she is getting stronger every day – her weight is stabilized, everything is healing nicely and everyone is pleased with the progress.

Daniela reports, “Dr. Bilimoriaand the Transitional Care staff are angels. As a result, I am still around, and I am very grateful!”