Meet the Therapist

Lindsey Cussen, DPT, Lead Therapist for Medically Complex Lindsey Cussen loves her job! The lead therapist for the Medically Complex department at Transitional Care of Arlington Heights (TCAH) rather matter-of-factly says, “Coming to TCAH was the best decision I made. Everybody here cares about each and every guest, and everybody is happy.” Lindsey, who earned her undergraduate and Doctor [...]

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Get stronger. Get better. And GO HOME!

Orthopedic Transitional Care For Margaret Partipilo, RN, MSN-BC and unit manager with the Transitional Care of Arlington Heights Orthopedic Care program, every day is an adventure. A self-professed healthcare junky since the age of 17, three decades (and then some!) later, she fully appreciates the magnitude of the situations with which she is presented and her opportunity to serve. [...]

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Therapy Matters!

 The TCAH Therapy team is comprised of Physical and Occupational Therapists and Speech/Language Pathologists.   Physical Therapists specialize in restoring functional mobility through individualized treatment plans. The treatment program promotes independence through a variety of activities and exercises to target specific areas such as strength, coordination and pain management. All plans focus on improving movement and increasing strength for [...]

Orthopedic Care at TCAH

Meet the Therapist Amy Miller, MPT, GCS, CLT-LANA Lead Therapist for Orthopedic Care “I can't imagine doing anything else for a career” Ironically, Amy Miller, lead therapist for the Orthopedic Care program at TCAH, managed to escape childhood and adolescence without any broken bones.  Although her skeletal system remains fully intact, she still has plenty of first-hand experience with [...]

Every day is a great day for therapy!

Fun Facts About the TCAH Therapy Team Julia Buchler M.S. CCC-SLP Director of Therapy “Every day is a great day for therapy!” Transitional Care of Arlington Heights (TCAH) guests can count on the finest expertise, equipment, evidence-based practices, facilities and therapists who are certified in multiple modalities as well as a friendly face and the encouragement they need, to [...]

How Sweet It Is

We’re re-inventing post-acute care in the northwest suburbs. It’s a pretty sweet deal! That’s why we’re capping off our guests’ rehabilitation experience with a very sweet Transitional Care signature "going home" pie. "Why pie," you ask? The letters P.I.E. are very important to us here at Transitional Care. They stand for PASSION, INNOVATION and EXPERTISE, the very three key ingredients we [...]

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Welcome Lisa Henderson, Director of Marketing and Business Development

An experienced marketing and communications professional and healthcare business development specialist, Lisa Henderson has a strong ability to really connect with health care professionals and members of the community to form lasting partnerships and create positive customer experiences. A Mount Prospect  resident, Lisa is actively involved in the Arlington Heights area where she volunteers with both business and community [...]

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