Rehab Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

As Transitional Care of Arlington Heights grows, so does the appreciation from our guests. Joseph felt so moved by his recent recovery here at TCAH that he painted a beautiful canvas for us that now hangs in our center. According to Joseph, the painting depicts his journey of recovery following his recent coronary bypass surgery at Northwest Community Hospital.  In his professional life, Joseph is a certified chaplain and coordinator of Catholic ministry and an avid painter.

“After my surgery, I felt like I was in the desert and needed help. My painting, which shows the sun coming up over the desert, is a reference to how the clinical and therapy professionals at TCAH helped eliminate my fear of rehab and the recovery process. They provided a tremendous amount of compassion and concern for my well-being and it helped put me at ease and focus on my overall rehab goals.”

Joseph is just one example of the people we help on a daily basis. We appreciate that he chose us as his post-acute care provider and look forward to helping others that will undergo coronary bypass surgery.   For more information about recovering with Transitional Care of Arlington Heights, call 847-392-9000.