///All the Feels!

All the Feels!

Thank You Transitional Care

There’s nothing like a thoughtful and well-put thank you letter to make your day! We love hearing from former guests and are pleased to report that Shirley is exercising daily, driving again and even thinking about returning to Transitional Care of Arlington Heights as a volunteer. Best wishes, Shirley, and thanks for keeping us posted on your progress!

Thank you for the wonderful care I received while I was transitioning from hospital to home and recovering from a broken arm and partial shoulder replacement.

Transitional Care of Arlington Heights is inviting on both the inside and outside. Walking into the lovely reception area (there was always someone to greet you and be of help), dining area, conversation areas and wonderful outdoor patio with lovely plants and flowers was beautiful.

Dr. Abdo kept me apprised of my progress and answered all of my questions.

The nurses, assistants and aides were wonderful, kind and took good care of me.

My room and bath were kept fresh and clean. I had fresh sheets, towels, gown, water and anything else I might need daily.

The dining experience was delightful. From breakfast to dinner and snacks in between, the food was delicious. The Chef and his crew were very flexible and accommodating. The servers were kind, friendly and very helpful.

A special thank you to the volunteers for stopping by, introducing yourselves and asking if you could be of help. Many of you were former guests of Transitional Care.

I am fortunate that my Orthopedic Surgeon and my son chose Transitional Care of Arlington Heights to be the place for me to recover since I could not go directly home from the hospital. It took only eight days, with twice-a-day physical therapy from my wonderful physical therapists, to prepare me to return to my home and start outpatient physical therapy four days after that. It was amazing. Kudos to them. I had the best of care.

Thank you all!

~ Shirley









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