Meet the Therapist

Amy Miller, MPT, GCS, CLT-LANA
Lead Therapist for Orthopedic Care
“I can’t imagine doing anything else for a career”

Ironically, Amy Miller, lead therapist for the Orthopedic Care program at TCAH, managed to escape childhood and adolescence without any broken bones.  Although her skeletal system remains fully intact, she still has plenty of first-hand experience with being a patient.

“About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. While I have fully recovered and am back to work at full capacity, being ‘the patient’ was such an eye-opening experience. I feel that I have much greater awareness with regard to pain control, limited mobility and the difficulty of having to rely on others for even the most basic things.”

Her experience and the resulting empathy make her a better therapist, a career she chose because it offered the opportunity to blend strong math and science skills with creativity, healing and making a difference. After earning a Masters of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University and special certifications in geriatrics and lymphedema, Amy began a career that eventually led to TCAH.

It was a perfect fit. “I can’t imagine doing anything else for a career.”

Amy leads a team of therapists who have significant experience working in orthopedics. “Each of our therapists offers something unique—like certifications in lymphedema to help prevent swelling or kineseo-taping to promote healing—that enhance the post-acute orthopedic recovery process.”

“Our orthopedic specialization allows us to work closely with the referring surgeon, nursing, social worker, family and guest in a very outcomes-focused and collaborative way.”

And “Good Vibes”
Amy says that what strikes her most about working at TCAH is the “positive vibe” one gets just walking through the front door. “We have two huge, bright and sunny therapy gyms where we work with our guests. There is just an ever-present, positive vibe about getting better and going home.”

Amy also values the “real sense of collaboration we have with the nurses.” She admits that, although it sounds cliche, she really does think TCAH is a great place to work.

“It’s awesome,” she enthuses. “They value our skill sets and put us in situations where we can thrive. Our opinions count, and we really can have a positive impact.” She adds that, “Because we are all employees of TCAH, as opposed to being subcontracted to work here, we all feel that we are supported and a part of the team. We are 100% committed to our guests’ recoveries.”