First Transitional Care of Arlington Heights Guest is as Good as New Following a “Two-fer” Total Knee Replacement

Following a major car accident 27 years ago, Alan Itzkowitz, 67, an architect from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, experienced knee complications that were decades in the making.  “My knee pain eventually became intolerable,” he recalled. “It was just something I needed to take care of.”

After researching and choosing his physician, Alan scheduled his left knee replacement and planned ahead for his total recovery.

As luck would have it, his wife ran into an article in the local Daily Herald that announced the opening of a brand new center that specialized in orthopedic recovery and catered to his generation—Transitional Care of Arlington Heights.  “It hadn’t even opened yet, but my wife and I went over and had a tour.”

Long story short, schedules aligned. Alan scheduled his surgery and became Transitional Care of Arlington Height’s very first post-surgical patient on October 15, 2015–and the rest was history!

“Of course the center was brand new and extremely clean,” recalls Alan.  “The staff was well-trained and phenomenal. In particular, the physical therapists, were just great.”

Being the first and only guest in a brand-new rehab center came with perks.  My wife and I had a great time with the chef, Mark—it was almost like being on a cruise ship!  He’d come to my room and ask, ‘So, what would you like today,’ and then he’d go back to the kitchen and prepare it for us!” 

We’re not sure if it was the food or the therapy, but regardless, Alan’s recovery progressed nicely, and he graduated from rehab in five days vs. the projected seven.

In this business, it isn’t often that one sees repeat customers, but based on his success the first time around, Alan came back for a right knee replacement in December of 2016.

The second time around, the center had already served over 1,000 patients since Alan’s initial visit. Of course the experience was a little different, but the outcome was the same—Alan returned home in five days instead of the projected seven due to his effort and top-notch care.

Following this orthopedic “two-fer,” Alan and his wife traveled extensively.  “We had a great time!  We did so much walking there that I never would have been able to do had I not had both surgeries.”

“I continue to be very supportive,” says Alan. “Transitional Care of Arlington Heights is a great operation and there are some really good people there.”

To his Baby Boomer peers who are considering a knee surgery, Alan’s advice is, Hey, if you’re going to do it, Transitional Care is the place to go!”