It was love at first sniff!

This month guests at TCAH got a whiff of the healthy healing benefits of essential oils at a demonstration on the popular healing trend that is sweeping the nation.

“From ancient Egypt to modern times, essential oils have been used to treat anxiety, aches and various ailments,” says Sarah Walker, event coordinator at TCAH. “These oils are reported to have a healing effect mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Speaker, Stacey Cooke, explained the significance of various oils and discussed why it can be beneficial to “stop and smell the roses” (and lavender and citrus!) along one’s road to recovery. From diffusing to toxic-free cleaning and beauty supplies, TCAH guests experienced the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and sampled lavender-infused lip balm, sugar scrub and room spray.

“Our caring commitment extends to nourishment of the soul as well as healing the body,” says Walker. “That’s why we offer a variety of life-enriching events and services, including this essential oils workshop, as a part of each TCAH guest’s stay.”

For more information on our Essential Oils class and other events offered for guests and family members during their stay at TCAH, please email our Event Director, Sarah Walker.