Drive a little further . . . and get home sooner


Transitional Care of Arlington Heights (TCAH) clients who are bridging the distance between hospital and home travel from far and near for their post acute care. Guests who require post-acute care choose Transitional Care following hospitalization at over twenty area hospitals within a 25 mile radius of Arlington Heights.

People from throughout the northwest suburbs and well beyond “go the distance” for their rehab care in search of:

  • New, state-of-the art facilities
  • Specialized short-term rehabilitative care
  • Primarily private suites
  • Hotel-level services
  • Proven therapeutic protocols and
  • Quicker recoveries
  • “Best in Class” satisfaction.

TCAH’s “Best in Class” client satisfaction results (as measured by an independent Pinnacle Satisfaction survey) report:

  • 95% recommend to others
  • 98% family member satisfaction (vs. 82% national average)
  • 95% patient satisfaction (vs. 84% national average)
  • Overall satisfaction exceeds national “Best in Class” standards.

Transitional Care of Arlington Heights goes the distance for its clients, and, in turn, its clients are willing to travel the distance to TCAH for high quality, post-acute rehabilitative care.