But it sometimes can help improve patient experiences and outcomes!

Being Green

As Kermit the Frog says, “It ain’t easy being green!” But sometimes being green isn’t only the right thing to do for the environment, it’s also the best thing to do for patient care.

Transitional Care of Arlington Heights’ leadership role in pioneering a new, electronic therapy “point of care” documentation program resulted in not only a 100% paperless, “green” charting process, it also created a better therapy experience and enhanced outcomes.

TCAH physical and occupational therapy staff worked in partnership with Optima Healthcare Solutions to expand upon current electronic medical records technology and incorporate paperless, mobile documentation of patient progress at the literal “point of care.” Rather than chart patient progress, outcomes and next steps back at a desk after the therapy session, TCAH therapists – each of whom carries an iPad on the gym floor – now monitor progress, review goals and charts in real time, electronically as they work side-by-side with patients.

“Not only is the point-of-care documentation process more efficient, but the new totally mobile process allows for real-time charting, reporting and outcomes planning while the patient is there and able to be a part of the dialog,” says Julia Buchler, Regional Director at Transitional Care Management, who recently presented on her team’s observations and successes with the new program at an industry summit. “Our therapy guests see all their goals and outcomes in front of them as they work with their therapists. It helps us further engage with patients and makes their progress more tangible and results-focused.”

Pioneering paperless, mobile, real-time, point of care charting is just one of many ways Transitional Care of Arlington Heights healthcare practitioners and therapists are improving quality, efficiency and patient experiences and leading the way toward better outcomes in rehabilitation.