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Therapy Staff

Transitional Care of Arlington Heights guests can count on the finest expertise, equipment, evidence-based practices, facilities and therapists who are certified in multiple modalities, not to mention a friendly face and the encouragement they need to help them through every step of their recovery.


Each of our 50 TCAH therapy department team members is employed by TCAH. That means that no therapy services are subcontracted to an outside provider. We believe this important distinction leads to more consistency in training and service delivery and, ultimately, better results.


In addition to extensive schooling, advanced training, years of experience and continuing education, TCAH therapists hold certifications in geriatric, lymphedema, kinesiotape, vital stimulation and vestibular rehabilitation.


TCAH therapists specialize in various areas, for example, cardiac, orthopedic, respiratory and post-surgical care, and, as such, and are experts in providing therapeutic rehabilitation solutions that are specific to a patient’s exact needs.


TCAH offers therapy seven days a week. Weekend therapy is critical to helping guests build endurance, avoid set-backs and recover more quickly and completely.

“Every day is a great day for therapy!”

Julia Buchler M.S. CCC-SLP
Director of Therapy

“My occupational and physical therapists were excellent…even outstanding! The nurses are wonderful too. I received good care and am thankful. ” – Joe


Therapy Services

We specialize in getting better faster! 

TCAH therapists provide professional, one-on-one therapy services for a cumulative average of 800-900 total hours of rehab per week.  More hands-on, individualized therapy hours means patients get better faster!

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For more information about therapy at TCAH, or to schedule a tour or pre-register, call 847-392-9000.